twentytwenty Grille

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
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Ever come across a great restaurant that you want to both keep a secret and tell the whole world?
That’s kinda how I feel about twentytwenty Grille in Boca Raton. 
20/20 opened its doors just two months ago and has since earned a reputation as a hidden gem.


On March 24th 2014, Ron & Rhonda welcomed the BocaLocals meatball tasting panel to try their atypical twist on the meatball for the march madness competition.

Here is the duck + chicken foie gras confit meatball:


Surprise! a tart dried cherry inside the center of the meatball.
-The duck is cured for 2 days then poached for 6 – 8 hours in its own fat
-No eggs are used in this meatball
-Breadcrumbs are used for binding
-Resting on a bed of brown butter, roasted tomato and port wine syrup.
Crispy duck skin as a side garnish

Chef Ron created this meatball for the BocaLocals March Madness competition!
Ron grew up in Florida but studied in San Francisco, CA. Twentytwenty Grille is the first independent restaurant endeavour for Ron and his wife Rhonda. Chef Ron explains that the cuisine at twentytwenty is considered Contemporary American, however he doesn’t limit the menu to southwestern, for example. Ron makes what he feels like making! 20/20 changes the sorbet and butter daily.

Today’s butter is sun dried tomato:


Some other examples of daily butter you can expect to find at twenty twenty include blueberry pancake butter and fried chicken butter.

The wine WALL:


I really wanted to try this wine called Freak Show (okay fine I judged a book by its cover but c’mon it has circus freaks):


We ended up pairing our meatball with a pino noir: Talbott, Kali-hart Monterey:


There are a couple of interesting decorative pieces at twentytwenty that have stories behind them:


Within this mixed media wall art – part of an old refrigerator door that belonged to Ron & Rohnda, who met in each other in Maine.



This is a dangling light fixture that hangs above the round corner booth we were seated at.
The 1st order ticket “chit” hangs here along with some food scribbles and newly added meatball contest sheet.

I cannot wait to go back to twentytwenty Grille to check out the rest of the menu!!
Twentytwenty has limited seating and is gaining popularity, reservations recommended.

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