13 American Table

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
(click on the photo to view it in a larger format)

The date is March 31st 2014 and we have arrived – our LAST meatball tasting of the March Meatball Madness competition!
Here is the view upon walking into 13 American Table in Boca Raton:


My fellow judges and I cheers to our unique journey during our final tasting:


The wine: a blend of grapes that impressed the wine connoisseurs on the meatball panel.
a red blend — California, 2011
cool artwork, too!


As the chef described it – a steakhouse style meatball:


This was definitely one of the most original meatballs of the competition. It is not on the menu, as it was prepared for the meatball competition. However, 13 American table was offering it to customers as a special for the week.

The details:
-pork & veal blend
blue cheese fondue
-potato chips
-arugula chiffonade
-red wine sauce

I really wasn’t sure about the blue cheese fondue… until I tasted it. Surprisingly awesome.

iphoneography goin down across the table:


Shaina from http://www.takeabiteoutofboca.com/ and I wanted to order some other items while we were there.
Shaina recommended a couple dishes for us to share since she had been to the restaurant before.

Josper Grilled Octopus
Chick Peas / Romaine / Citrus / Red Onion / Poblano Peppers / Salsa Verde


sage says: that salsa verde though! fresh.

Corn Off the Cob
Chili Aioli / Queso Fresco / Cilantro / Lime


sage says: mmm roasted goodness ❤

It was happy hour and many of the cocktail options sounded good.. was a tough decision but
I went with the Cape Towner — Rooibos Tea Infused Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Dolan Rouge, Muddled Orange & Luxardo Cherry, Bitters, Served Up:


Our waiter asked me how I enjoyed the cocktail and I mentioned that I liked the flavor of the orange and cherry with the bourbon. He was nice enough to bring me out some luxardo cherries to taste. He warned me that maraschino cherries would forever be ruined for me. So, let me introduce you to my new obsession: luxardo cherries. They are imported from Italy and are basically a way better tasting version of a maraschino cherry, with an added bonus of no red #40.


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