Sundays With Sarah: Guava Goodies

Sage: Warm welcome to my fellow foodie & nutritionist Sarah, here is her SoFlaSage premier guest post:

Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my Crunchy Granola Kitchen.
Check out my blog dedicated to the sweetest day of the week: Sunday!

I love to bake. My passion for food took a sharp turn (for the better) when I began working with food sensitivities. I think it is the challenge that entices me most. Seeing if I can mimic that buttery, dairy-filled, sugar consumed and gluten engrossed cupcake and make an equally tasty rendition of it using using minimal, natural and gluten-free ingredients.

So, here we are with my latest creation a gluten-free, dairy-free and extremely moist guava, banana bread with toasted walnuts.  I typically make this as a banana bread minus the guava but I decided to experiment for a brunch potluck that was Latin themed. Sage Says: I  can attest to the taste of Sarah’s Guava GF Banana bread being absolutely delicious as I was at the potluck she speaks of (I went back for seconds).


Nope, I had not had enough yet — I went home that day after work and decided to bake more gluten-free guava creations. These guava oat bars came out AMAZING.


I made a few tweaks to the original recipe,
adapted from Mangoes and Palm Trees:

I used gluten-free baking flour, Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oats, and I used flax meal in the streusel (the nutritionist in me). My next endeavor will be to make these bars with fresh fruit puree and completely dairy-free. But for now, I am thrilled to be able to share my first guava baking adventure with you.


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