Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse



Owner Susan Mussaffi presents pure food and drink “Made with intention™” in a social, hip atmosphere.


There’s a healthful new coffeehouse and juicery looking to make its mark in South Florida with a unique philosophy toward food and drink. Now open in Boca Raton, Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse serves nutritious cold-pressed juices, cold-brewed coffees, handmade nut “mylks” and whole, plant-based food, all “made with intention,” owner Susan Mussaffi’s personal philosophy. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Apura provides guests with the option to take out or dine in, where they will enjoy communal seating and complimentary Wi-Fi in an urban and modern setting. Drinks and fare are prepared daily in house with all natural ingredients, little to no processing or preservatives, and lots of TLC. Mussaffi’s aim is to serve fresh and easy dishes that not only look and taste great but make guests feel great while encouraging a philosophy to live with intention.

Sage: I think its awesome that the nut mylks are handmade!

“I want people to understand the link between what they eat and how they feel,” Mussaffi says. “At Apura, our goal is to truly empower and educate diners by providing delicious, nutritious and beautifully prepared food and drink, easy to eat here or take to go, designed to nourish our bodies and minds with much-needed nutrition.”

Sage: Absolutely, I agree. People need to start listening to what their body is telling them. Food is our source of cellular energy, we will not feel outwardly energized if there is dysfunction at a cellular level.

The juicery and coffeehouse is free of dairy, GMOs, soy and gluten. Organic fruits and vegetables are used as often as possible, and Apura adheres to the “Dirty Dozen” guidelines of buying organic.

Sage: The dirty dozen is an excellent resource put out by the Environmental Working Group – a great way to save money while restricting pesticide intake. Choose which produce should be purchased organic and which produce tends to be lowest in pesticides in its conventional form.

Sold by the bottle, all Apura juices are unique in formulation and recipes, cold-pressed and unpasteurized, inviting customers to “juice with intention.” Flavors are layered and complex, ranging from deep greens and sweet roots to fruits and sweet and sour. Exotic tastes like fennel, kefir lime, kumquats, dandelion, Anjou pear and golden beets mix with traditional fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to make Apura juices truly distinctive.

Sage suggestion:

can elope

Can Elope —  Cantaloupe, Golden Beet, Carrot, Apple, Orange.

Apura’s offerings also include a full line of “coffee with intention,” including cold-brewed coffees, known for being less bitter and less acidic, with full-bodied taste and appeal. The area’s widest selection of nut mylks will be made by hand in house through a labor-intensive process and are available in naturally sweetened flavor combinations. Coffees and nut mylks are combined to create deliciously unique hot and cold beverages.

Sage: Ok, I am a huge coffee fanatic and I absolutely loved the coffee. The black gold cold brew is heavenly.

Apura’s food offerings encourage diners to “feast with intention.” The menu ranges from chia pudding and raw oatmeal for breakfast to faux sushi, various specialty salads, faux noodle dishes and other entrees for lunch and dinner. While the cuisine is plant based, made true to the principles of raw veganism, Mussaffi hopes to appeal to all types of guests by translating popular, recognizable dishes into raw iterations that make the experience an enjoyable discovery for all.

Sage: If you have a delicious dressing, people are more likely to eat their greens. The dressings for the assorted salads here are phenomenal. Also, I really liked the Apura spin on chia pudding with the cashew creme fraiche.

sage suggestions:


Spinach and Goat Cheese — Spinach, almond goat cheese, strawberries, currants, avocado, candied walnuts, goji berries with a green apple vinaigrette.


Chia Pudding — Chia seeds, almond mylk, chocolate sauce, cacao nibs, cashew crème fraiche, goji berries.

“Apura isn’t just for vegans or raw vegans,” Mussaffi says. “I think of plant-based cuisine as one option in a spectrum of healthy eating. But I don’t think anyone can deny the health benefits. So, even if customers dine here one day a week, they’re taking an important step to improve their health.”

Sage: YES – c’mon people, healthy eating doesn’t have to mean following a vegan diet 365 days a year.. its not “all or nothing”. However, I am definitely an advocate of having some meatless meals. There are so many nutritious plant based protein sources.

A former financial executive in New York City, Mussaffi learned about plant-based cuisine in 2013 through a process of personal growth and discovery. She gave up meat and animal products “cold turkey” and immediately experienced the benefits of this healthy new lifestyle, including losing 20+ pounds. The mother of six jumped headfirst into learning all she could about plant-based cuisine, doing extensive research and preparing new recipes at home.

While Mussaffi initially hoped to write a cookbook on the lifestyle, she decided instead to open a health-minded restaurant to serve her community and reach a local audience. The Boca Raton resident has a deep passion for healthy living and is committed to sharing this passion with others.

“Apura” means “unfired” in Ancient Greek, and the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, sometimes known as the “father of vegetarianism,” encouraged followers to eat “apura” (raw) fruits and vegetables for sharp minds and healthy bodies. Apura the restaurant is so named because it continues this ancient tradition in a 21st century context.

Apura offers a convenient, casual setting that welcomes guests to stay and socialize or grab and go. Designed by P2 Interiors in Coconut Creek, the rustic, urban aesthetic comprises natural materials, a muted color palette and communal seating. The restaurant will also employ eco-friendly practices such as composting and recycling.


Apura is located at 22191 Powerline Road, 20B, Boca Raton, in Palms Plaza, at the southwest corner of Powerline Road and Palmetto Park Road. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Both takeout and dine-in are available. For more information, please call 561.430.3596 or visit http://www.apurajuicery.com. Like on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/apurajuicery.

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