The SoFla Sage Turns 1 Year Old!

Why “The SoFla Sage”?

Holli Lapes – founder and blogger explains: The SoFla Sage is an abbreviation for The South Florida Sage. One day, I was walking around my neighborhood after the gym while listening to music. The word sage was mentioned in a song, in the context of one its definitions – referring to someone who is knowledgeable. I have always liked Sage as a name for someone. I liked the idea of using sage for my blog because it can be used as a play on words/symbolic. The South Florida Sage is in reference to myself as an individual who is knowledgeable about South Florida dining. Also, used to represent sage as a herb, tying in the culinary component. Lastly, sage is green -representing my interest in the health and wellness field.

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Sage – The Medicinal Herb

By Michael Downey – Life Extension Magazine February 2015

Sage The Medicinal Herb

A wealth of compelling evidence has revealed sage (Salvia officinalis) to be an easy way to spice up not only your meals, but your health. Sage provides an array of complex compounds such as chlorogenic acid, tannic acids, resins, estrogenic substances, and potent flavones.1Research points to sage’s power to help lower glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in diabetics,2 enhance mood and cognitive performance,3 inhibit inflammation,4,5 and reduce the hot flashes of menopause.6 But perhaps most remarkable, experts now recognize the memory-enhancing capacity of sage in individuals with7 and without8 Alzheimer’s disease.

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