Miami Culinary Tours: Wynwood Food Tour

All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes
(click on the photo to view it in a larger format)


First things first, the scene is set by our tour guide Mirka. The man with the cowboy hat (as pictured on a mural in Wynwood Walls) was a visionary, as you will learn.  In 2009 Wynwood as we know it today started coming to life because of him, Mirka explains.

Starting off the food portion of the tour at Wynwood Kitchen, we indulge in a spin on Ropa Vieja. Which translates to dirty clothes! It is a Ropa Vieja empanada with braised chipotle chicken. Accompanied by scrumptious plantains topped with creamy cheese and a mozzarella tequeno.


Paired with a suiting La Rubia, a local beer out of Wynwood Brewery.



Then, our passionate guide explains more about the artists behind the murals who come from all around the world to be a part of Wynwood Walls.


Some of the participants who came from Westin to enjoy the tour:


Next we enjoy an open faced sandwich in the pretty backyard seating area at Mmmm Wynwood featuring French inspired poached chicken with sundried tomato, aioli and microgreens atop bread from a local baker.



After more exploring, it is Mofongo time at Jimmyz Kitchen!


A healthier variation of this Puerto Rican favorite, made with no pork rinds.


A new comer to Wynwood by the name of Made in Italy is our next stop.


The gourmet restaurant and market has a unique wine storage system that is great for tastings as it can utilize open bottles for extended periods.


Taleggio cheese tasting:


On to SuViche for some fusion Peruvian & Japanese Ceviche —
white fish cooked not with heat but rather with citrus (lime), shichimi togarashi or Japanese seven spice, an emulsion of sorts, and I dont know what they did to that sweet potato but wow was it flavorful. This actually may have been my first time trying ceviche and it was a great first experience. I was really surprised how well the lime and sweet potato components (along with everything else) worked so well together.


I absolutely love peruvian corn.


Last but not least we top off the day with a slice of key lime pie from Fireman Dereks:


Yup, Derek is a fireman who has a pie shop, pretty cool.


I learned that there wasn’t really any dairy in the Key’s but there were limes of course, and condensed milk. Voila!


Thank you so much to founder of Miami Culinary Tours Grace Della, my fabulous epicurean guide Mirka and the participating Wynwood restaurants for a great tour! Book your Wynwood tour here:

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