Pop-Up Dinner with Chef Guy Clark at Sprout in Miami, Florida

Chef Guy Clark of Zak The Baker and Contem-Plate Catering recently started a series of Pop-Up Dinners hosted at Sprout Flowers & Coffee in Wynwood, Miami.

Today we will learn more about the chef and take a look into the experience that captured all the senses, the exclusive ocean themed dinner for 16 guests which was the second dinner of this series.

Clarks professional career as a chef started after he was a finalist on Masterchef South Africa.  From South Africa to India to Miami, he jumps head first into menu creations and takes control of even the most unpredictable kitchens.

Q & A with Chef Guy Clark

Sage: Tell us more about the ocean theme dinner, why did you decide on this theme?

Chef: The ocean is such an important and mysterious source of potential gastronomy. Without it we could not possibly exist. This theme was my dedication to the great blue sea.

Sage: What inspired you to serve a glowing seaweed garnish accompanying the 2nd course of Glass Tuna?

Chef: I remember walking along a Thai beach at night and the phytoplankton lit up the ocean. It was truly beautiful and the spectrum of light in the water will stay with me forever. For obvious reasons, I could not bring phytoplankton to the table, so instead I painted red and green seaweed in edible glow in the dark paint for a similar effect, the seared tuna and Thai aioli paired with my spin on Thai street food.

Sage: What was your personal favorite course from this meal and why?

Chef: Definitely the Miami mahi, the local fish and purees, finished off with a pop rock crust summed up miami to me, the colors, the fun and the ingredients.

Sage: Did you follow any recipes for this meal?

Chef: I have probably followed 3 recipes in my entire life, I believe that they have their place for some chefs and foodies, however I don’t like to copy another chefs hardwork and food philosophy, there is an infinite choice of ingredients, methods and flavors to be paired together… I strive to create my own.

Sage: How did you and Zak The Baker meet?

Chef: I heard of Zak (via foodies) before I met him, I saw him (his portrait at whole foods) before we met , when I did meet him personally at the bakery, I understood why I had to work for him. His passion is incredible.

Sage: What is your current “food crush”, an ingredient or meal you cant get enough of lately?

Chef: Beets! Oh man, how I love them, from golden to red to chioggia. They are just exquisite in texture, flavor and colors. One of the dishes (nordic love) I slow cooked chioggia beets in chamomile tea, honey and ginger, I then cut them to resemble tuna sashimi.

Sage: When is your next pop up dinner and have you chosen a theme yet?

Chef: The theme of my next pop up is forests, imagine wild game, earthy flavors, plates full of edible shrubbery and forest floor smells / colors. The date is to be confirmed.

All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes
(click on the photos to view in a larger format)


The coffee counter at Sprout that serves up Panther Coffee with a global atmosphere.


First time out on the town for this newly with-child couple!


Sprout is not just the site of this pop-up series, the meal and location become one with these plant based jelly fish.




Chef Clark explaining his 7 course artwork.


1st Course: Nordic Love


Cedar wood ash, vodka gravlax, chamomile, chioggia beet
The beets to the left are meant to mimic a sashimi tuna.

2nd Course: Glass Tuna


Grilled & chilled ahi tuna, thai aioli, micro viola, ginger
The lights were turned off so guests could experience the glowing garnish.

3rd Course: Pan Asia


8 hour pan asian broth, wild scallops, kale chip

4th Course: Miami Mahi


Mahi Mahi, poprock farce, organic purees, skin fries
We took a pause to listen to the popping before eating.

5th Course: Liquid Sushi palate cleanser


Ponzu, ginger, lemon balm

6th Course: French Fire


Almost burnt prawns, caviar beurre blanc, bitter sweet truffle foam
This was one of my favorite courses!

7th Course: Sweet Samurai


Nori brittle, wasabi sorbet, seasalt chocolate ganache, pistachio macaron

Thank you Chef Clark for a captivating meal! It was beautiful, delicious and intriguing.

All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes

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