Bull Market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Now Identifying as a BBQ Restaurant and Bar

Bull Market American Bar and Kitchen has changed its culinary direction as they have found their niche within the culinary boom happening in Himmarshe Village. “We always sell out when offering BBQ as a special” Creative Director John Todora explains. Bull Market BBQ and Bar Chef James Buis is originally from Chicago, he graduated from the Art institute of Ft. Lauderdale and has 20 years experience in the kitchen. John and Chef James have worked together to incorporate their own culinary experiences into the new menu. The restaurant will continue to offer customer favorites such as Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers and Grilled Cheese Flights.

All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes

bull market ft lauderdale

bull market ft lauderdale

Grilled Cheese Flights — grilled cheese triangles of cheddar, jack & smoked Gouda cheese with roasted tomato basil shots. Although the restaurant has 72 beers with 27 on tap, Bull Market does not offer beer flights, however they do offer food flights!

bull market ft lauderdale

Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers — coated with peanut butter cereal served with whole grain honey mustard

bull market ft lauderdale

This was a customized tasting tray created to showcase the barbecue menu.
Starting at the upper right corner we have the Backyard BBQ chicken, a 36 hour spiced brine and what is referred to as white BBQ sauce – a sweet garlic basil sauce inspired by Thailand and South East Asia. John  Todora used to work in Thailand and fell in love with the flavors there and strives to incorporate those same flavors in this dish.

Under the chicken we have the Low & Slow BBQ Ribs with Carolina vinegar mop (A mop sauce is a thin liquid, often based on tomato juice, vinegar, apple cider, beer, or a combination of these ingredients, that’s brushed or “mopped” onto food numerous times during cooking.) Why Carolina? Because that is how Chef James mother made them in North Carolina.

To the left is the 14-Hour Smoked Brisket — Angus beef smoked with pecan and cherry wood with Chicago Style BBQ sauces of both sweet and spicy.

Accompaniments included Bacon-Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Beer Roasted Corn, Cast Iron Cornbread with Makers Mark Bourbon Butter.

bull market ft lauderdale

Red Neck Donut Holes — chocolate and vailla sugar coated donuts served with house made caramel and chocolate sauce served with milk shots

bull market ft lauderdale

Chow Sushi, the neighboring sister restaurant to Bull Market, is no longer and there is a new concept on the horizon expected to open in January.

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All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes

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