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The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company – The Home of the Banini

South Florida has it’s very own “cronut”, but first, some history.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company was established by Co-Chairman and Founder Steve Fassberg. When thoughts collided about how to recreate an authentic Brooklyn bagel anywhere in the world, Steve came to the realization that, “It’s all about the water”.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Florida

After years of research, Steve found a solution by creating a proprietary 14-step water filtration and mineralization system to replicate the water flowing from the Catskill Mountains into Brooklyn to “Brooklynize” the water in every store location nationwide and in 2008 The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company was born.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’re provided with an experience unlike any other where you truly feel as if you’re at a bagel shop right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Water Bagel specialize in breakfast and lunch deli creations that reflect an authentic Brooklyn-style menu and murals that replicate Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk, Nathan’s Famous and of course The Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Florida

The Brooklynized water is used to make all of The Brooklyn Water Bagel’s baked goods, freshly brewed coffee and beverages and they even offer their very own Brooklynized bottled water.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Florida

The Brooklyn Water Bagel Company uses specialty grade Arabica coffee beans that is always produced with the highest quality and flavor.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Florida

The Cubsta, Brooklyn Water Bagel’s iced coffee, contains 100% ice coffee cubes to keep the coffee caffeinated and prevent the watered-down effect. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but wow! The Cubsta stayed flavorful down to my last sip.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Florida

Brooklyn Water bagels are made from the highest quality baking ingredients with traditional artesian recipes. The bagels are made with Brooklynized water, boiled and baked fresh throughout the day.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Florida

By far, Brooklyn Water Bagels have some of the best bagels I have ever tasted. The Brooklynized water used to make the bagels give them a fresh and fluffy taste along with the variety of cream cheese that is made in-house daily.

Brooklyn Water Bagels also offer some of the best muffins and cookies daily. The colossal black and white cookie is my absolute favorite. It’s moist with a cake-like center and a crisp white and chocolate coating.

The Worlds First-Ever Banini
The union of a bagel and a panini. What a genius idea. “I crafted the world’s first Banini with the goal of creating a cutting-edge proprietary lunch menu item that would incorporate the consistency of our beloved bagel in a non-traditional format,” says Steven Fassberg. Customers can experience a Banini, made to order, with a hot, fresh pressed crunchy outside and a soft and fluffy inside with selections from 9 different signature sandwiches:

  • Chicken & Avocado: grilled chicken, fresh avocado, baby spinach, crispy bacon, tomato and lemon aioli
  • Grilled Chicken Philly: chopped tender grilled chicken smothered in sautéed and melted provolone
  • Monte Cristo: fresh roasted turkey, ham and melted Swiss cheese an thousand island dressing
  • Tuna Melt: fresh albacore tuna salad with tomato and melted American Cheese
  • Turkey Bacon Avocado: fresh turkey, fresh avocado, baby spinach, crisp bacon and tomato and lemon aioli
  • Turkey Avocado Mash: fresh roasted turkey, chickpea avocado mash, sliced cucumber, tomato and red onion
  • Club Med Banini: hummus, Kalamata olives, red onion, feta cheese, sliced cucumber and tomato
  • Grilled Chicken BLT: fresh grilled chicken, crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato
  • Philly Cheesesteak: grilled rib-eye steak, grilled onions and provolone


The Philly Cheesesteak Banini was the highlight of my visit. The combination of the melted provolone cheese, the grilled rib-eye steak and grilled onions that added extra flavor in every bite was a match made in heaven.

The Banini is very unique since it’s still a bagel and you get to enjoy all of its fluffy goodness, pressed into a panini for a crunchy outside truly makes for an ultimate sandwich whether for breakfast or lunch. Brooklyn Water Bagel offers a Banini Bundle that is served with your choice of Banini, a side and a 24oz. soda. Grab a Banini bundle after 11am at participating Brooklyn Water Bagel locations near you.

In office catering options are also available to provide a delicious array of fresh, breakfast and lunch selections whenever and wherever you need it.

For more information about The Original Brooklyn Water Bagels Company, visit:

Twitter: @bklynwaterbagel Instagram: @BrooklynWaterBagel_

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briana Briana Jackson is a contributor for The South Florida Sage. She has a passion for food and wants to share her experiences with other foodies. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @HalfPastHungry. All images appearing in this post photographed by Briana Jackson

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tasting at Brooklyn Water Bagel.




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