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We recently had the opportunity to check out Temper Grille tapas restaurant, located in West Boca Raton. The American tapas style menu is meant to encourage the sharing of multiple dishes, which engages guests in the culture that Chef Sean visualized 8 years ago. At Temper Grille, each dish is plated and delivered to your table once it is ready for you to enjoy and share. No heat lamps or microwaves, just food with attitude. “There is a reason why we’re called “Temper” Grille. Life is too short…So Be Happy, Drink Wine and Indulge!”

The Ying and the Yang perfectly describes the Temper Grille Team. “The Temper” – Chef Sean Kelly, founder and Chef of Temper Grille, has amazing passion for everything he does. In his earlier years as a chef he was known for his hot temper, which now comes out in his food instead of anywhere else. He has channeled that same attitude into his unique dishes that intensifies every sense; increasing not only the flavor, but also the color, texture, smell, and presentation. All of the dishes are made to order and are presented with big bold flavors.

“The Grille” – Eric Guerra, Co-founder and CEO of Temper Grille, recognized a hole in the market here in Boca Raton, Florida for an upscale dining experience and teamed up with Chef Sean Kelly to create what is now known as Temper Grille.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Wine By The Glass – Guenoc Petite Syrah, CA – 2015

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Chop Salad – Sliced Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges, Candied Almonds, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Dried Cherries, Parsley, Tossed with Blood Orange Vinaigrette and Topped with Green Onions.

One of the most refreshing salads I’ve ever had. The mandarin oranges were a great addition to the salad.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Ahi – lightly Seared Saku Coated in Sesame Seeds served with Soy Wasabi Sauce, Topped with a Soy Asian Ginger Glaze

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Mini Steak Chimmi’s – Sliced Steak, Tomato Strips, Avocado, and Chimichurri Sauce Served with Toast Points

The chimichurri sauce, in my opinion, was the star of this dish and enhanced the flavor to the sliced steak.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Shrimp Mac & Cheese – Four-Cheese Blend and Cavatappi Topped with a Buttery Crumb.

This dish did not stick around for very long at the table. I’m reminiscing in this very moment. Although the items on the menu are meant for sharing, I could’ve easily kept this whole dish to myself. The butter crumb top provided a little crunch to the dish and the melt in your mouth four-cheese blend was to die for.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Steak Bites – Seared and topped with Remoulade

Bold flavors, perfect!

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Jumbo Scallops – U10 Sea Diver Scallops, Blackened and Seared, served with Mango Chutney.

Let me just say the scallops were amazing! Seared to perfection and the mango chutney provided a hint of sweetness.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Lobster Bites – Sautéed, Finished with a Garlic Cream Sauce on a Bed of Smashed Potatoes was a very unique and delicious dish.

Well, anything with lobster gets thumbs up from me!

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Temper Noodles – Yaki Soba Noodles Sautéed with a Vegetable Blend, Seasoned with Sunny’s Korean Teriyaki and Spices topped with a Fried Egg.

The noodles were very delicious. This dish is definitely in my top 3.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Creamed Corn with Red Pepper Sauce

I enjoyed the addition of the red pepper sauce, it really kicked the heat up a bit and added some spice to the dish.

Temper Grille Boca Raton

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffles – dusted in a cocoa powder with a balsamic strawberry drizzle

These truffles were moist and rich, which is a perfect fix for a chocoholic like myself!

Homemade Grilled Angel Food Cake – topped with strawberries marinated in a fig balsamic and a house whipped cream.

I’ve never tried a dessert with balsamic before and both desserts was surprisingly delicious.

During my experience at Temper Grille, Gabrielle Fleischer, General Manager, provided the history behind Temper Grille and went out of her way to make sure the experience was great. Our server Brenna was helpful and very knowledgeable of every dish and accommodated special dishes for allergies  and dietary needs of the guests. Temper Grille is truly an unparalleled dinning experience!

Temper Grille is located at:

9858 Clint Moore Rd

Boca Raton, FL 33496


For reservations visit http://www.Temperboca.com or for more information follow Temper Grille on Instagram: @temperboca or Facebook: @tempergrilleboca

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Briana Jackson is a contributor for The South Florida Sage. She has a passion for food and wants to share her experiences with other foodies. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @HalfPastHungry. All images appearing in this post photographed by Briana Jackson.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tasting at Temper Grille.

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