All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
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The date is Thursday, December 19th 2013 and it is seriously a beautiful sight, in Miami’s Midtown District. Not only because of the unique decor at SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill, but because it was a gorgeous day in SoFla.

The view looking up while seated on the front patio:
Sugarcane Decor

I had been to before but never for a meal, only to drink. This time, I am here to eat! (ok, and drink, again, because after all- it was a celebratory outing… and because they have awesome cocktails)

sugarcane December menu


My favorite dish was the Octopus Salad featuring ginger dressing!


Something about this combination just did it for me.
The sesame seeds, greens, citrus – such a fresh combination.
For the past year or so, I’ve kind of been on an octopus kick.
I think in part because it is something I dont prepare at home, so I tend to order it when I dine out.

Ok so Ive never really been into brussels sprouts, but they are starting to earn a place on my palate. Especially these soy sauce ridden babies at Sugar Cane:

Brussels at Sugarcane

I had never tried oysters before! So what better time to start then at a raw bar? Besides, my friend Marta insisted.

oysters sugarcane

Sage Says: eh.
Its kind of ironic that the photo I took of the oysters mainly features the sauces, because that is all that I tasted. The oysters had a weird texture and didn’t seem to taste like much of anything. Ill stick with mussels, at least those take on the flavors of yummy garlic sauce and arent as slimy.

I saw basil on the menu and had to try out this roll:


Yup, thats pineapple&basil on top of a salmon roll, some fine Latin fusion right there. My friend Karina is across the table enjoying the octopus.

My top 3 herbs: Basil, Mint, and SAGE of course!

Ok, quick divergence to the cocktails before I proceed to discuss the food.

Marta and I had a delicious apricot&whisky drink (not pictured).

What I liked about this drink:
-No fake flavorings
-The drink was strong, but didnt taste strong.
-Apricot, enough said.

I do have a iPhone shot of it but I am trying to only post SLR images, or at least just for this post. Check out the iPhone photo of the Apricot-Whiskey Reverie (apricot jam, apricot infused George Dickel Rye Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, ginger ale) on Instagram! @TheSoFlaSage

Here is a photo of Karina’s strawberry cocktail:

back to the foooood

duck&waffle with duck egg
duck and waffle

goat cheese croquettes

Last but certainly not least was dessert:

This was some sort of s’mores inspired dessert, the name escapes me but the memory does not- good stuff!
I was sold when I saw almond ice cream in the description. Also, its not everyday one gets to eat some edible flowers, definitely a plus and not just for aesthetics, somehow the floral notes worked well with this dish.

Should you go to SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill?
Sage Says: absolutely

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