Segreto Italian Restaurant

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
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I have been asked to participate in
BocaLocals March Meatball Madness 2014!

The details:
A panel of 15 food critics, food bloggers, media and foodies will visit, sample and judge meatballs in the criteria of; taste, texture, presentation and originality.

Through-out the competition expect several write-ups in articles, web sites, posts on social media and food blogs such as; Denise’s Foodie Events, Take a Bite Out of Boca, The South Florida Sage and

All results will be listed on the web site and in press releases to over 50 media contacts. I will also post the end results here on The South Florida Sage blog.

First up, Segreto Italian Restaurant in Boca Raton!

segreto door
(I spy The Sage, bottom left corner)

This is my first time at Segreto restaurant.

I enter the building and join Shana Overhulser of BocaLocals (part of the RNI networking community) at the bar along with some other panel judges for a glass of wine. My first thoughts about Segreto are formed when I interact with the bartender. An older gentlemen that seemed seasoned at this trade. Something about him gave off an authentic vibe, I cant quite put my finger on what it was about him, maybe it was the fact we was wearing a suit. Anyhow, I am glad he was there.

OK- its time for meatballs.

We enter the judging area to find Chef Angelo Morinelli,
awaiting us to tell his story.
Chef Angelo explains that we cannot just simply try these meatballs because a meatball has a history that goes along with them. He told us of Italia.


The Ball
1/3 Veal – for flavor
1/3 Beef – for body
1/3 pork – for taste


Chef Angelo coats the meatballs in olive oil and bakes them at a high heat to brown them, while the inside is still raw, they are added to a pot of tomato sauce to finish cooking.
Angelo added that in Italy, his grandmother would fry the meatballs.

Other ingredients:
-“day old bread” soaked in milk
-FRESH: garlic, onion, basil, parsley, oregano

Chef Angelo does not add any sugar to his tomato sauce,
he also does not add salt because there is salt in the cheese.
Parmigiano is added for sweetness
Romano is added for sharpness


Angelo Morinelli is from the province Avellino in southern Italy.
Not only did I enjoy the meatball, I also enjoyed Chef Angelo’s passionate description of the meatball and insight into Italian traditions.

When it comes to meatballs, texture and taste was a win. Originality was one of the categories we were to judge on, but who needs originality when you have a classic?!

FYI – If you order the meatball appetizer at Segreto, it comes with 1 ball while the dinner includes 2.


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