Bocce Bar

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
(click on the photo to view it in a larger format)

Join me while I take you through my eating experience at midtown Miami’s newest Italian spot, Bocce Bar. Rustic Italian fare from the Chef that brought us SUGARCANE, Timon Balloo. Congrats, chef, on your recent WINS!!

Yes, two wins, just a few days ago on March 19th 2014 at Johnson & Wales University’s Third Annual ZEST Awards:
-Newcomer of the Year: Bocce Bar
-Culinary Innovator: Timon Balloo

The South Florida Sage & co visited Bocce Bar on March 8th 2014 before attending Wynwood’s monthly ‘Second Saturday’ Artwalk. 


I love when places offer a happy hour 7 days of the week. Many times I find restaurants that offer a happy hour, will not offer specials on “busy” days, a Saturday for example.

cocktail menu

My friend Jake ordered a beer. My friend Marta and I really wanted to order the Butternut Squash and Clemintine Bellini, but the bartender was not sure how to make it and suggested ordering another beverage until the other bar tender arrived. Marta ordered pinot grigio but I wanted to wait for the Bellini. We decided to order some appetizers (also part of happy hour special).


Here is the SUPPLI DI RISO — crispy carnaroli rice, mozzarella, tomato

(BTW what we actually ordered was the CARCIOFI FRITTI — semolina dusted crispy artichoke, mustard seed aioli but received this, which was good so we didn’t mind)



INSALATA DI MARE — seafood salad, seppia, octopus, shrimp

OK- time to transition from bar to table.


At the table, I ordered a drink.. I went with the BOCCE BALL (middle) —
“Our take on a classic cocktail brought to you from its origins in Italy made with Amaretto, mandarin vodka, orange, almond and soda.”

Speaking of Bocce Ball, Bocce Bar is home to Miami first official Bocce court!
We sat table side to the court, Jake and Marta were in it to win it.





We shared a few dishes, starting with:


LINGUINE — maine lobster, toasted garlic, tomato lobster broth

Followed by:


CANNELLONI DI CONIGLIO — oven baked florida rabbit, spinach, parmigiano béchame
Thisssssssss was my favorite dish! Very tasty and rich flavor.. it was my first time trying rabbit.

I made the executive decision on our veggie side selection, despite everyone disagreeing with me. Marta and Jake claimed to only like raw carrots and did not want to order cooked carrots.


CAROTE AL FORNO — baby roasted carrots, mascarpone, pistachio granola

Mikey Jake decided he liked it, roasted root veggies for the win.

One more before dessert:


POLIPO GRIGLIATO — grilled octopus, ceci bean purée, olive caper vinaigrette

This was actually my least favorite dish that we ordered. Wasn’t into the texture.

On a more positive note, THEY HAD CANNOLI’S. Cannolis are one of my all time favorite desserts. Bocce Bar had a unique version of this Italian favorite:


HONEY CRISP CANNOLI — warm stewed strawberries, 25yr balsamic gelato



SICILIAN PISTACHIO SWEET POLENTA CAKE — clementine sorbet, whipped crème fraîche, edible florals

Bocce Bar might have a couple of kinks to work out by nature of its newbie status, but nonetheless, an enjoyable experience.

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