Park Tavern

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
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Ever heard of Park Tavern in Delray Beach? If you haven’t made it over there yet, I recommend checking it out. It has been on the Atlantic Ave. strip since 2011 but I first visited it this year. On today’s post, I will talk about my first and second visit.

My first time Friday February 28th 2014
lobster corn dog

These, are lobster corn dogs with whole grain mustard. An appetizer which sounds too good to be true. This happens to have been the case with these. I was not a fan. When one thinks of a corn dog, a certain breading is expected. The breading was not like a typical cornmeal texture, it was a very thin breading of some sort. Secondly, the filling was strange. There was pieces of lobster, but it was meshed with other ingredients.

I was indecisive about what I wanted to drink, but then I tasted my friend Karina and Vanessa’s drink selection ((APPLE CIDER SANGRIA — Applejack + Honey Crisp Apple + Angry Orchard Cider + Bake Apple Bitters)) I was sold.


Love the cinnamon stick and apple slices floating around in there. The giant ice cube is fun too.

I ordered the VEGGIE BURGER — Aged Vermont Cheddar Tomato-Onion Jam + Wild Arugula. It was really good, and I am glad it came with cheddar. All the burgers have are served on a wooden board with thick cut fries. I used the whole grain mustard from the lobster corn dogs again here.


Not pictured: Karina got the AHI TUNA SALAD and Vanessa got the PARK TAVERN CHEESESTEAK. They both enjoyed theirs.

park tavern

Second visit Sunday March 9th 2014
This time, I am here with my parents for a late lunch/early dinner? Who knows, its Sunday. Anyway, its happy hour and I recommended the Apple Cider Sangria to mom, she ordered it. Here it is in daylight hours:


Hmm what to order this time. I needed something hearty, I was considering the shepherds pie, and so was mom. I didn’t want us both to get the same thing, thats no fun. I suggested we share that and a salad. So, we went with the CHOPPED SALAD — Shaved Cabbage + Mixed Greens + Carrot + Heirloom Tomato + Spiced Corn Nuts + Onion + Mango + Queso Fresco + Broccoli + Avocado + Almonds + Champagne Vinaigrette



SHEPHERDS PIE Colorado Lamb + Roasted Autumn Vegetables + Duchess Potatoes


Hearty it was. This really hit the spot. The lamb was so good and the vegetables were just right, they weren’t mushy.

Oh, and I usually don’t talk to much about the service unless its out of the ordinary good or out of the ordinary bad. Both times I visited Park Tavern, I had great service. On the first visit, the waitress was very attentive and on top of things. Second time, Justin was our waiter. Mom was her chatty self and Dad was making modifications to his salad left and right. This didn’t phase Justin, and I was impressed because my parents are not easy customers.

I sat outside at both visits, I always like to be outside if I can.. but lets take a look inside at the decor because it is worthy of acknowledgement:






I mentioned to our waiter that I thought it was so unique (and unusually minimalistic for Florida) that the draft taps are just wooden blocks with labels hanging underneath. I thought this was intentional, but Justin explained it was actually because all the branded taps were clunky and bumping into each other since they are all different shapes. Thus, they decided to make it like so.

I already have my eye on what I want the next time I go to park tavern, the ribs!


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