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A Hotdogopolis exists? Yup, and in Boca Raton of all places. Ive known about this place for a couple of years and finally made it over there. I am so glad that I did, I even went twice. Check out this menu for goodness sake:

hotdog menu

Both visits I had the speciality hotdogs, but as you will see on the bottom right, the folks at hotdogopolis offer quite the array of game sausages, everything from elk to ostrich! I will try some of those bad boys in a future visit.

Sunday March 30th 2014 – 1st visit


(Mine is the black cherry and my friend Jake got the creme)

I very rarely drink soda, maybe like 3 times a year? Anyway – if one is going to drink soda, might as well make it a Boylan.

Heres why:


Ok, so its still loaded with sugar (42 grams – yikes), but at least theres no high fructose corn syrup. Its questionable, though, as to why it says no artificial colors yet it has “caramel color”. At least they identify the vegetable color for the red/purple hue.

Jake got the Carolina (left) and I got the Columbian (right)


COLUMBIAN — pink sauce, mozzarella cheese, pineapple sauce, chips and a quail egg

They offer Udi’s gluten free buns, I got one for my hotdog. As always with gluten free breads, there was a texture issue but it was pretty good in the taste realm. Oh and the dog? Phenomenal.


CAROLINA — chili, slaw, onions &yellow mustard (?) not sure if Jake asked for it without the mustard:


Sunday April 13th – 2nd Visit

Im back, with my friend Karina.

She ordered what I got last time, the Columbian:



I ordered what Jake got last time, the Carolina:


We decided to share another hotdog, we were pretty hungry, especially Karina.

THE PEKING — wrapped with duck bacon, hoisin sauce, pineapple sauce, scallions.


Tasted like we were eating Chinese food at this point.



Even if you are not particularity a hotdog lover, gotta check this place out!

Be sure to check for their hours of operation, as the times are a bit limited.

-The South Florida Sage-

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