Taperia Raca

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
(click on the photo to view it in a larger format)

Welcome to the sister restaurant of Coral Gables well known Eating House, Taperia Raca. I really like the location, many cute restaurants and such. I haven’t explored this area of Miami much, as I usually go to Wynwood or South Beach when in Miami.


My friend Sarah had some SANGRIA BLANCA:


Our first dish – ENSALADA VERDE — baby kale, green apple, manchego, walnut, smoked honey


Enjoyed this, the bitter/sweet combo worked well.

TARTAR DE CARNE — shallot, fried garlic, sherry vinegar, egg yolk, manchego


This was good, but I think ill stick to tuna when it comes to tartar. Just a personal preference. Also I had hoped the egg yolk was on top, the egg-on-top-of-things trend has caught my interest lately.


bacon apricots

I was superrrrrrr excited to order this, I love apricots and thought it was pretty awesome that Taperia Raca chose to switch it up from the typical bacon wrapped date dish that numerous places are serving up. Oh snap, its Iberico cheese, bet ya thought it would be manchego.

CROQUETAS DE MANCHEGO — Manchego Cheese, Sherry Vinegar/Fig Jam, Sea Salt


Ok, back to manchego 😉 these were so yum. Sarah was ready to eat the fig jam out of the ramekin (seriously though).

TORTILLA ESPANOLA — Omelette, Caramelized Onion, Baked Potato

spanish tortilla

Turns out, I wasnt really aware that a tortilla espanola did not include an actual tortilla. Sarah was aware. Anyways, call me a traditionalist but, I’d rather have this for breakfast.

Bread Pudding (!)

bread pudding

There was rum raison ice cream on top of this bread pudding that had dried fruit in it. Sarah loveddddddd it. By this point in the meal, I had a terrible migraine from a (unrelated to this meal) caffeine withdrawal, so I didnt eat much of it. However, to me this was more of a soufflé than a bread pudding.

Taperia Raca, I’ll be back & I’ll be ready for more manchego, minus the migrane.

-S A G E-

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