Planet Kitchen {food&drink} Wellness Tour

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
(click on the photo to view it in a larger format)

On Saturday, June 21st 2014 The South Florida Sage had the opportunity to experience the first Planet Kitchen Healthy Organic Food, Drink and Wellness Tour!

Participants began the journey at Trio Yoga located at 2330 NE 2 Ave, Miami, FL 33137 for a demonstration on acro and aero yoga. This was a really awesome part of the tour for me, for I got to participate as well! Ive done yoga before, but nothing like this!




Aside from the demonstration, we learned about ones posture and the different types of yoga. Then, we had a delicious acai bowl from Sambazon with fresh fruit and mint leaves.


On the way to our next stop, we enjoyed beverages from OM cocktails. Oh, and by the way, this was not just any bus, rather a full on party bus with fun lights.



We have arrived at Earth’n’ Us Farm, where we were guided by the founder and his wife.

This beautiful farm is located at 7630 NE 1st Ave. in Miami.











Our next stop is Choices Cafe, for a full blog post about Choices:



Participants sampled the Insane Mex (featuring soy chorizo!), brownies and Pinot Blanc from Girasole Vineyards.


Below, Dierdre Sam Canuet of Growing Broward sports the Girasole bee on her cheek as we convene back on the bus.

For more information on Growing Broward:


Our last stop is Mi Vida Cafe, located at 7244 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33138. If it was not for the Planet Kitchen Tour, I would not have known about this place (nor trio/earth n us). In fact, part of the purpose of this tour is to support these local, organic and sustainable living endeavours within the South Florida community. Many times these great places do not have the funding to reach out through advertising. Slowly but surely people are gaining clarity about their food choices, now they just need to know where to get the food!




We sampled the yummy quinoa burger & some smoothie/juices.



A goody bag for the road, yay! 2 different cookies inside.



Below, we take a moment to celebrate the founder of Planet Kitchen; David Rosenthal, for the day after the tour was his birthday.



The garden/dining area out back of Mi Vida Cafe:


Throughout the tour, we had opportunities to gain raffle tickets for prizes by supporting the generous Planet Kitchen sponsors who provided organic products. Some of these  brands were contained within the gift bag that participants received. For example, each gift bag contained an energy drink from the folks over at EnerBee and if you posted about them on social media, you gained a raffle ticket to be entered to win a case of EnerBee! The raffle took place after Mi Vida Cafe, on the way back to our cars parked at TRIO. I won a rad shirt from sambazon from the raffle drawing 🙂 Another awesome component of The Planet Kitchen Experience is that activities took place on the bus while in route to the next location. Whether it was a raffle, a tasting or even educational/informational discussion about GMOs, this tour was truly an EXPERIENCE!

Next chance to join this one of a kind opportunity is August 17th 2014! Not only will your have a great time on this tour, but by supporting Planet Kitchen you are supporting your community and your health.

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