Product Review: Regrained – Beer Food!

All photography appearing in this post taken by Holli Lapes
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If you’ve ever thought to yourself… how can beer get any better? Well, maybe if the components from the brewing process could somehow be recycled. Yea, that’d be earth friendly.  Or maybe, if one can do more than drink beer.. maybe if one was able to eat it! GUESS WHAT, you can. San Francisco based company Regrained has made these notions a reality. Here’s what they have got going on so far:






Currently they have bars available in two flavors. The chocolate stout one was my favorite of the two. But wait- it gets better, they are mostly nutritious, too! Not too hefty on the saturated fat content, low/no sodium. Decent amount of protein as well as a nice serving of fiber. Only downfall would be the sugar content.

nutrition facts

available at

Be sure to check out their site


disclaimer: Regrained provided The South Florida Sage with these bars, at no charge, for a tasting.

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