Gyromania Grill In Boca Raton, Florida Deserves A Closer Look

Gyromania Grill of Boca Raton is just 4 months old and is the sister restaurant to the original location in Coral Springs. When I was asked to join some of my fellow food enthusiasts for lunch at Gyromania, I accepted but with some reservations on how the quality might be. These reservations were in part due to the assumption that this was a chain restaurant and therefore has a lesser chance of being any good. Secondly, I personally can remember 2 of the mediocre restaurants in that location that came before it. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the vast majority of key items are made in house. For example, the salad dressing (which is made with orange juice) “took months to perfect” explained General Manager Zach Bernier. Bernier has a past working history of a family run catering business and is heavily involved with the meal preparation within the establishment. Gyromania Grill offers hot or cold catering as well.

All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes


Homemade PIKILA (TRIO SAMPLER) – A sampler platter of Dolmathakia (stuffed grape leaves), hummus and tzatziki served with sliced toasted pita bread.

This is a great platter to have as a starter but also an excellent accompaniment to have on the table during your meal for dipping. The hummus was very good and so were the stuffed grape leaves. I was especially impressed with the tzatziki sauce, which we know is made in house but to take it a step further: the yogurt used the make the tzatziki is also made in house! I repeat, Gyromania Boca Raton makes their own yogurt for the tzatziki! Note: the pita bread is not homemade.



Homemade SPANAKOPITA (SPINACH PIE) – Baked philo with spinach, feta cheese and herbs.

This was a very tasty pie with a nice crunchy texture as you can tell from the browned exterior.



FETA CHEESE & OLIVES – Greek feta cheese

The feta, served as a side dish, was really nice to have. I like the slices as they are firmer than the crumbles served on a salad.



GYRO PITA – Specially seasoned beef and lamb meat with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers.

The gyro was really good. I enjoyed the meat, pita, fresh vegetables and of course that wonderful tzatziki sauce.



LAMB CHOPS PLATTER – 3 Fire-Grilled lamb chops marinated in fresh herbs served with 2 sides of choice.


BEEF SOUVLAKI PLATTER – Chunks of marinated beef on skewers served with pita bread slices, tzaziki, salad and lemon potatoes.

The beef was nice and tender, not chewy at all. When they say lemon potatoes, boy do they mean LEMON! Very strong lemon flavor, which isn’t a bad thing.


So, if you are wondering if Gyromania Grill is worth checking out…

I am happy to say that the answer is yes.

PS: The restaurant does intended on franchising so hopefully the quality remains intact. 

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All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes






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