Sage Sips: Margaritas at Monty’s, a Local Hot Spot in Coconut Grove – The SoFla Sage

Picture this: a waterfront tiki bar setting with delicious drinks and food, where there is nothing to worry about except what to order. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Well it’s not a vacation or a dream, it’s actually at a local spot in Coconut Grove called Monty’s Raw Bar. Monty’s Raw Bar has been opened since 1969 and is well-known spot in Miami, known for its beautiful location, live music and happy hour.

I had the opportunity to try out some of their cocktails. I’ll start with my favorite drink, the mango margarita. I am usually an ‘on the rocks’ kind of girl but the frozen mango margarita was perfection.


I typically don’t like fruits in my drinks but the mango was so fresh it tasted like it was just picked off the tree! The coconut mojito was also delicious, very refreshing and not overly coconut tasting.

My other favorite was the Captain Morgan mule. As the name suggests, they use Captain Morgan original spiced rum, ginger beer and fresh lime.


The rum runner was the most popular drink of the night by far. It includes light and dark rum, blackberry and banana liqueur, fresh pineapple and OJ, topped with 151 proof rum.


With all this alcohol, I definitely needed something to fill my stomach. Monty’s tropical chips and salsa is truly a unique spin on chips and dip. It includes hand sliced plantain chips and fresh mango and tomato salsa that I could not stop munching on in between sips. #SageSips


I also tried their Cajun gator bites. I’ve had alligator before but never this tender or tasty! The additional Cajun seasoning added something special!


Monty’s is somewhere I’d take all my girls, go on a date or even have a family outing. It’s beautiful, versatile and full of personality. I highly suggest trying a cocktail or two on your next foodie endeavor.

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Sheynelle Brown is a contributor for the South Florida Sage. She has a passion for pursuing and achieving her goals – including goals in the kitchen. There isn’t a recipe she won’t attempt at least once or a food she won’t try. She is always on the go, if she isn’t trying different foodie spot in South Florida, she delights in church activities and art museums. Her current project is working on her own lifestyle blog Sheynelle Number Five.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary tasting at Monty’s. All opinions are my own. All images appearing in this post photographed by Sheynelle Brown.

4 thoughts on “Sage Sips: Margaritas at Monty’s, a Local Hot Spot in Coconut Grove – The SoFla Sage

  1. Loved this place! Thank you for reminding me of this destination. I have not been there in years ! Coconut Mojito,YES please, it Looks Great !!!

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