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After a few years of knowing about the place, I recently visited Gourmet Killer Dogs for lunch (open daily from 12 – 6) and was pleasantly surprised. Kathryn, one of the owners of the husband and wife owned restaurant, had been following me on social media, which is where I came to learn about the place. She raved that they had the best lobster roll in SoFla, but I was sceptical. I finally took her up on it to see for myself. Check out my experience below:

Killer Lobster Roll (cold or warm) with lettuce and fresh lobster salad served on a grilled, buttered split top bun.

I went with the mayo-based cold variation and it indeed was the best lobster roll I’ve had in South Florida to my memory. The lobster was fresh, it had a great texture, and there was lots of it. With just the right amount of mayonnaise and a very good bun, it was perfection!


Sweet BBQ (Hotdog, Sausage, or Vegan Sausage), Cole Slaw, Chopped Apple, BBQ & Killer Sauce

I went with the vegan sausage on mine, it was good. I was impressed with the fresh toppings, this place really is gourmet and everything is made to order.

Gourmet Killer Fries with Cheddar and Killer Hot Sauce

These hand cut fries were nice and thick with a great texture – a good balance of potato-y and crunchy. I thought it was a nice touch that they are using real cheddar cheese versus a cheese sauce. You can also get chili or mac&cheese on your fries (or on your dog). I liked the hot sauce so much that I got one to take home!



For dessert I tried a whoopie pie and a cookie ice cream sandwich. Despite what looks like me endorsing the whoopie pie in this pic, it’s actually the ONLY thing I did not like from Gourmet Killer Dogs, LOL.

Sage Says: This place is legit so go check it out!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary tasting at Killer Dogs. All opinions are my own.

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