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Did you know that the James Beard Award winning Chef Norman Van Aken has a restaurant in Wynwood?

“Three” is a celebration of Chef Norman Van Aken’s elevated Floridian cuisine and celebrates the ethnic diversity and food history of Florida in a globally-informed way.

The restaurant is in an area called Wynwood Arcade which is just doors down from the  very popular Salty Donut. In late 2018, they launched a Jazz Brunch with live latin-style jazz music. This was my first time visiting, check out my experience below!


Reflection of Frida Kahlo artwork on the glass table. Peep that cute little pineapple, too!

local vegetables & herbs, labneh dressing

Wow, this avocado toast was like a piece of artwork with carefully placed microgreens and edible flowers. Labneh is similar to greek yogurt with fluffier texture. This was definitely one of the most unique avocado toasts that I’ve tried. My mom loved this dish!


tea infused vodka, liquor of violet, dolin blanc, lemon,
egg white

vodka, elderflower, apple,
lemon, basil

I had the late bloomer and my mom had the tea for tillerman. The late bloomer was refreshing and slightly sour. The tea drink had a very different flavor profile.

banana-passion fruit jam, whipped cream,
vanilla bean maple syrup

I looove plantains so I was super excited for this dish. This is going to sound very much like a comment coming from a judge on Chopped, but, I would have liked there to be more plantain flavor in this dish. I did taste a few bits and pieces of plantain inside the pancake, but not nearly enough for a dish that has plantain in the name. Perhaps a few plantains on top would have done the trick. That said, the pancakes themselves had a nice texture. I love the idea of this dish, #SoMiami with the the inclusion of passion fruit as well.

teena’s tomatoes, hollandaise, poached eggs

(Hi Mom!)

Once again another Miami inspired dish (croquetas) with a continued trend of edible flowers and microgreens.  I loved the orange heirloom tomatoes! I would have liked the fish croqueta to be served a little hotter (temperature wise), and the hollandaise was thick, but the flavor of this dish was overall good.

Let’s have a look at that yolk pop…

The presentation at Three was top notch, and I enjoyed the ambience. Next time I want to try the Fried Chicken & Buckwheat Waffles with aji dulce syrup. The Fridas Frita Burger also looks amazing!

Note: there wasn’t live jazz playing during my visit, so maybe it is only on select days. I suggest calling ahead to inquire.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary tasting at Three. All opinions are my own.

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