Authentic Greek Food: Café Restaurant 1055 at Mont Parnes Regency Casino – Athens, Greece

Traveling to Greece? You may want to visit Café Restaurant 1055 at Mont Parnes Regency Casino: serving authentic Greek food since 1960!


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The Mont Parnes Casino is located on the slopes of Mount Parnitha – a densely forested mountain range in Athens that is considered by the country as a national park. Being in such an important place for many decades now, it seems only proper for the casino to house one of the country’s best restaurants that serves authentic cuisine.

Café Restaurant 1055 captures the idyllic simplicity and warmth of the Greek Islands. Described by the locals as “simple and beautiful” it has a menu full of traditional Greek food that allows diners to explore the country’s most celebrated dishes. At Cafe Restaurant 1055, guests can enjoy a variety of Meze, which is a selection of small dishes usually served with wine. It’s kind of similar to Spain’s Tapas or small plates that are served as appetizers. There’s also Kleftiko and Moussaka, which are considered by many as Greece’s national dishes.

Additionally, there are light meals served at Café Restaurant 1055 that use Pita as the main ingredient and hummus as a dip.

The restaurant only uses the freshest ingredients, which is quintessential to Greek cuisine. Fresh food always sells itself, and Greek chefs capitalize on this especially when catering to an international audience.

As a focal point on top of a mountain with an altitude of 1,055 meters, the restaurant guarantees guests a wonderful view no matter what the time of the day. It offers a romantic setting at night, so it’s the ideal place to take your significant other on special occasions. According to reviews on Trip Advisor, Café Restaurant 1055 remains a popular tourist spot because it provides guests a peaceful atmosphere to relax in and the fact that among all of the European countries to travel to, Greece is still very well-liked regardless of the economic turmoil they are currently experiencing.

Greece’s culture is steeped in tradition and its influence extends beyond their food. There are plenty of Greek references in popular media that depict the country’s ancient civilization, one of which is the movie Clash of the Titans, which was granted a remake in 2010.

In the gaming industry, there are plenty of titles made using Ancient Greek historical figures as the core theme. God of War is a very popular PlayStation game which stars Kratos himself fighting a slew of Greek Gods. Popular gaming site Pocket Fruity launched its very own game dedicated to Zeus that celebrates his power and image, according to the Ancient Greek folklore. Thanks to these references that are prevalent in pop culture, Greece’s culture is always featured, and its food is also highlighted as a consequence. And while none of these games can be seen in Café Restaurant 1055, some can be played inside the illustrious Mont Parnes Regency Casino.

The restaurant is open for buffets every Monday to Thursdays at 19:00 – 02:00, Fridays at 19:00 – 03:00, Saturdays at 13:00 – 18:00 & 20:00 – 03:00, and Sundays at 13:00 – 18:00 & 20:00 – 02:00.

This is a guest contributed post by Mary Lewis. Sponsored.

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