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We recently had the opportunity to dine at Boca Raton’s latest addition to the Kosher dining scene – Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktail, which is led by Executive Chef Aaron Goldberg, formerly of Bogart’s Bar & Grille (now closed). The restaurant is owned by former Top Chef contestant, Alex Reznik, who currently lives in Hollywood, CA, where the original Ditmas Restaurant is located.

The restaurant is a kosher steakhouse, which means you will not find any dairy or shellfish on the premises. The menu changes very frequently but there are a few mainstays, such as the addictive roasted chickpeas that start off your meal, the various cuts of beef (however, sides and sauces may change), and the ever-so-popular and delicious Tony Fries. Check out our experience at this gastropub-esque gem!


The pickled vegetables were simple but good! I loved the chickpeas – the flavor was just sweet enough and it’s a fun snack to kick off the meal. Although, they weren’t as crispy as you would assume from the title.

(L) CHILLED CORN SOUP – chipotle “crema”, cilantro and black bean salsa (R) FLORIDA SALAD – mixed greens, mango, orange, fennel, hearts of palm, toasted almond, citrus-honey vinaigrette

{Soup & Salad} The chilled corn soup was like a very thick gazpacho.. with lot’s of great flavor! Remember, Ditmas is dairy-free which is why crema is in quotations. The Florida salad was a lovely dish – summery & refreshing. The hearts of palm was a cute addition, a fun play on words with the dishes name of Florida Salad.

Ditmas Kosher Kitchen Boca Raton

TUNA CARPACCIO – puffed rice, pineapple, pea shoots

I like the addition of fruit in this dish!

(L) CRUNCHY DEVILED EGGS – lamb bacon, smoked paprika, chive
(R) FRIED SWEETBREAD – three pepper aioli and “bacon” jam
I don’t think I’ve ever had breaded deviled eggs before! These were yummy. The sweetbread (wiki: Sweetbread is a culinary name for the thymus or the pancreas, especially of calf and lamb, and, less commonly, of beef and pork.) was a bit too salty for my liking but that jam was the jam!

SHORT RIB FLATBREAD – salsa verde, pickled fresno, arugula, quail egg.

This was one of my favorite dishes of the evening! The salsa verde was delish and I loved the fresh and savory combinations. The quail egg on top was the perfect touch.

Ditmas Kosher Kitchen Boca Raton

TONY FRIES – machaca chicken, pico, guacamole, sriracha, citrus aioli, togarashi
Going along with the unique theme, the Tony fries were just that. I’ve had disco fries before but these were on a whole other level of flavor profiles. These are the ultimate drunk (or sober) munchies!

Ditmas Kosher Kitchen Boca Raton

PAN SEARED SALMON – pea puree, citrus-fennel slaw, rice pilaf
This dish was definitely another favorite of mine – a great piece of salmon and accompaniments – loved the pea puree, slaw, and especially the rice pilaf which was particularly delicious.
SHORT RIB red pepper polenta, pickled fresno, crispy shallot, horseradish snow
By this point in the meal my palate was kind of shot TBH however I did make sure to try this dish, as shortrib can be one of my favorites, if done right. This was very flavorful and my portion was nice and meaty (not too much fat) – which I appreciated!

Ditmas Kosher Kitchen Boca Raton

ASSORTED HOUSE DELICACIES – oreo ball with shredded coconut, brittle, chocolate mousse marshmallow, and mango bread pudding.

Dessert was nothing short of delicious and unique. Hard to choose a favorite here – the foursome was a good one!

Overall, we were very impressed with the food at Ditmas. Unfortunately, kosher food (besides everyone’s favorite – deli) has a bad reputation. Kosher food is sometimes known for being sub-par, to say the least, when it comes to flavor and innovation. I would never know this food was kosher unless I was told it was beforehand. Also, you won’t miss the dairy (trust me, I love cheese). Bravo!

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All images appearing in this post photographed by Holli Lapes, property of TheSoFlaSage.com

Disclosure: I received a complimentary tasting at Ditmas. All opinions are my own.

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